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How much electricity does it cost to produce 1 tons of charcoal?

As one of the factors affecting the cost of charcoal production, the consumption of electricity has to be mentioned, but some manufacturers, in order to give customers the concept of making money by investing in charcoal, say that the electricity consumption is very low, in order to attract consumers. So how much electricity will be needed to produce 1 tons of charcoal?


carbonization furnace

First of all, we need to know what equipment the charcoal plant needs to consume electricity. Through the process of mechanical charcoal production, we know that the branches, lumber and other raw materials must be crushed first, then dried through the dryer equipment, and then made into fuelsticks through the rod-making machine, and finally put into the carbonization furnace for carbonization to produce mechanical charcoal. That is to say, the main power-consuming equipment is crusher, dryer, rod making machine, carbonization furnace four kinds of equipment, but according to the specific needs of customers, it is not the same. However, here we calculate the complete set of charcoal equipment with the most commonly used Nissan 1 tons.


The daily output of 1 tons of charcoal equipment, we configure the mill power is 7.5 kw, dryer power is 4 kw, bar power is 15 kw, carbonization furnace power is 1.5 kw, the total power is 28 kw. The time for charring a ton of machine-made charcoal is 20 hours, that is, basically one ton of machine-made charcoal per day. However, the four units that produce one ton of charcoal are not always in production. For example, a mill can crush 600 to 800 kg of raw materials in an hour, and produce three tons of particulate materials (usually three tons of raw materials to produce one ton of charcoal) in almost four hours. Generally speaking, the production of one ton of mechanical charcoal, almost 300 kWh of electricity, and then according to the electricity tariff standards of each region to calculate, and finally get the corresponding electricity tariff.


Above, we only calculate the electricity cost of producing 1 ton machine charcoal according to the usual situation, but some customers use different raw materials, the configuration of machine charcoal equipment is also different, so it is only a reference to us, if customers want to know some specific details. Saving information can be contacted with Shuliy machinery at any time.