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The honeycomb coal briquette machine is to regard the well-processed coal dust as raw material, after crushing, mixing, and then compressing to coal briquettes. This good quality iron raw coal charcoal honeycomb briquette machine uses iron powder charcoal/raw coal charcoal as raw materials. But, at first, the raw materials should be crushed into small pieces (a diameter < 1 mm). And this machine has a large capacity, so it is high efficiency. The holes on the surface of the coal briquette make them can be easily and completely burned, reducing energy waste.  At the same time, this machine owns a lot of molds, and you can change the molds easily per your special needs. After many improvements, our honeycomb coal machine has the advantages of reasonable structure, high finished product density, superior performance, and long service life.

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Structure and principle of the honeycomb coal machine

The honeycomb coal machine has a simple structure and is divided into five parts: a body, a rotation, a feeding, a stamping, and a conveying. The parts work together and the operation is coordinated and stable.

Structure Of Honeycomb Coal Making Machine
Structure Of Honeycomb Coal-Making Machine
  1. The body part: consists of a platen and a machine base, which are opened into the skeleton of the machine.
  2. Transmission part: It consists of the motor, pulley, gear, drive shaft, and other components. The motor rotates the gear shaft through the pulley and transmits it to the transmission shaft through two gears. The pair of bevel gears and the rotating shaft drive the dial, and the dial is turned to move to the four-hole disc.
  3. Feeding part: It consists of a rotating shaft, a hopper, and a stirrer. It is driven by an axial gear to stir the coal and mix it into the mold.
  4. Stamping part: The stamping part mainly consists of four sliding rods, a sliding beam, a punching rod, a punching seat, a punching head, a movable pressing plate, movable mold bottom, and a spring. When the machine rotates, the two gears rotate through the pull rod to drive the sliding beam. When the punch goes down, the punch is forced to move down, the movable plate moves up and the spring is tightened, the coal is pressed and the coal is punched, and the formed coal is loose, by the spring. Press the active plate to determine the compression of the coal.
  5. Conveying part: The conveying part is composed of a conveyor frame, a pulley, a bracket, and a conveyor belt. The conveyor belt is randomly rotated to send the shaped coal out of the body, and the adjustable screw on the conveyor can adjust the tightness of the conveyor belt.

What are the requirements of coal powder for the coal briquettes machine?

When the honeycomb coal machine is compressing coal powder, if the pulverized coal lumps are too large, we need to crush the coal first before pressing. At the same time, a certain amount of binder is usually added when using briquettes to press carbon powder, so as to achieve a better molding effect. 、

Honeycomb Coal
Honeycomb Coal

This is because when the moisture content of coal powder and carbon powder is high, it is not easy to form. And coal powder and charcoal powder must have proper binding properties, otherwise, the coal powder and charcoal powder must be processed. Ten to 20% of the caking coal can be mixed into the raw materials to enhance its binding properties.

Molds for making coal briquettes with different shapes

In order to realize the multi-purpose function of one machine, we can replace the extrusion die of the briquette machine to make briquettes of different shapes. Usually, honeycomb coal briquettes are cylindrical with holes, and the number and diameter of the holes can be customized.

In addition, by changing different molds, the honeycomb briquette machine can also produce quadrangular prisms with holes and hexagonal coal briquettes with holes. Of course, the number and diameter of the holes can also be customized.

Molds Of Honeycomb Coal
Molds Of Honeycomb Coal

Shape: Honeycomb coal powder briquette forming machine The Shape of a briquette can be round, cylindrical, square, rectangle, Polygon, Hexagon, fan, and so on many kinds, or you can have your own ideal shape, we can help you to be your need.

Size: Final size according to the shape and machine mold, also can be decided within a certain range.

Features: Export briquetting with high density, flammable, long burning time, non-toxic, smoke-free, and other advantages.

Main features of the coal briquette-making machine

  • The machine works efficiently and the output is large.
  • This machine has small energy consumption and is environment-friendly.
  • The mold is complete and can be exchanged easily.
  • The coal briquettes produced by our honeycomb coal powder briquette molding machine are no chemical additives, or smells, are smokeless, non-toxic, or combustible, so it is really energy-saving, environmentally protect coal molding equipment.

The parameter list of the honeycomb coal briquette machine

Parameter list

Working video of the coal briquettes-making machine

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