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We exported carbonization furnaces to Ecuador. A carbonization furnace is a machine used for making charcoal. It can carbonize some wood, coconut shells, nut shells, etc. into carbon to increase the added value of materials, and can also process some wood. It is a very environmentally friendly and valuable machine to use the scraps from the corners.

Carbonization Furnaces
Carbonization Furnaces

Ecuador carbonization furnaces customer introduction

This Ecuador customer who bought a carbonization furnace is the second time buying a machine from Shuli, so he is an old customer, and they trust each other very much, so the purchase process is also very smooth, and it took a week to get all the machines. After the details are discussed, the first time a customer in Ecuador buys a flat die pellet machine, a machine used to make animal feed. This time to buy a carbonization furnace, if you want to use pine trees for carbonization, the customer has already purchased a wood crusher locally, and then needs this carbonization furnace to produce charcoal first.

Knowledge about charcoal production

Charcoal Production
Charcoal Production

For every ton of carbon produced, 3-4 tons of pine trees are needed, which means that the ratio is about 3:1. In fact, other trees are used, and the ratio is basically the same. In the carbonization process of the carbonization furnace, an external heat source is required for heating for the first two hours, and then when there is enough hot gas inside, the heat generated by self-carbonization can be used for continuous carbonization, which will save resources.

The parameters of carbonization furnaces purchased by the customer

Factory Carbonization Furnace Inventory
Factory Carbonization Furnace Inventory

  Model: SL-C1500

Dimension:2.1*2.1*2.3 m

Inner stove size:1.5*1.5m

Capacity:800-1000 kg charcoal

Carbonization time once:8-10 hours

Heating source:50-80 kg waste wood per furnace

Includes 2 inner stoves

Inner stove thickness: 8mm

Weight:3.5 ton