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Wood crusher


Wood crusher (Also called wood shredder)Suitable for all kinds of wood crushing and recycling, raw materials include hardwood, cork, particleboard, plywood, abandoned wooden sofa, wooden cabinets, furniture and so on. Large-scale wood grinder is mainly used for processing pine, Zamu, Yang Mu, fir, bamboo and other raw materials, more suitable for pellet production line and mushroom processing in mushroom medium.


Wood crusher raw material can be any types of agro-forestry waste & forest waste.

Such as wood branch, wood logs, wood waste, wood chips, wood pieces, bamboo, panel, and corn comb, stalks, rice husk, coffee husk, coir pith jute sticks, groundnut shells.

The diameter of wood can reach to 2-5 mm, which is suitable for further drying and briquetting. No need to use other wood chippers.

The small powder size can make briquette stick,used for BBQ (barbecue)


Wood crusher composed of machine body, knife chipping part, chips re-crushing part and sieving part, etc.

It combines both chipping and crushing in one machine, can make sawdust in one time, no need to use wood chipper for preprocessing of wood logs.


Model Power




Feeding size






SLFS-420 11 600-800 150*170 4 130
SLFS-500 15 1000-1200 170*200 4 210
SLFS-600 18.5 1200-1500 190*220 4 320
SLFS-700 30 1500-1800 190*230 4 450
SLFS-800 55 2000-2500 190*230 8 600
SLFS-1000 75+7.5 2500-3000 250*270 8 800
SLFS-1200 90+11 3500-4000 350*400 9 1100
SLFS-1500 132+15 4500-5000 350*400 12 1800


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