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Details control the production of high-quality charcoal

The process of making charcoal by using charcoal machine equipment is complicated, and the quality of the charcoal produced by the charcoal machine is different with the treatment of different details. And we want to make good charcoal, sell a good price, we need to carefully do every link, such as the degree of carbonization, kiln time and temperature, raw material rod density and so on, can not be careless, careless mechanism charcoal quality will decline, can not meet customer requirements, then these excessive What should Cheng pay attention to?

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Carbonization is the core of the production process of machine-made charcoal. There are many Carbonization Methods of machine-made charcoal. In its production process, the main processing methods are internal combustion and dry distillation.

The carbonization temperature of machine-made charcoal is generally 550-600 degrees, and the heating time is 15 hours in the soil kiln and 2-3 hours in the machine kiln. The reason for slow heating is to prevent moisture and cracking of raw material rods, so as to ensure the quality of wood charcoal.

The carbonization quality of machine-made charcoal is not only related to the processing technology, but also closely related to the raw material bar, the density of the raw material bar must be greater than 1. The method of selecting raw materials is as follows: take a section of formed raw material rod into water, sink into the water is a material with a specific gravity greater than 1, float on the surface of the water is a material with a specific gravity less than 1, the specific gravity of the material is high, the quality of the manufactured charcoal is good.

The mechanism of charcoal should be ventilated and carbon after the kiln is put out, so as to prevent carbon dioxide poisoning. After the kiln mechanism charcoal, to be placed outside more than 8 hours, in order to prevent the resurgence of dead ash, fire.

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