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A wood pellet mill machine is equipment that uses wood waste as raw material to make pellet fuel. The biomass pellet machine can process wood chips, straw, rice husk, bark, and other biomass as raw materials. Through pretreatment and processing, it is solidified to form high-density pellet fuel.

The wood pelletizing machine is easy to operate and runs efficiently.

Why wood pellet machine is cleaning equipment

After solidification and compression molding, biomass pellets can replace coal for heating and processing products, reducing the emission of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide. It is conducive to environmental protection and control of greenhouse gas emissions and is efficient environmental protection equipment. The combustion value of the wood pellet machine is 4300-4500 kcal/kg.

Wood Pellet Mill Machine
Wood pellet mill machine for sale

Wide application of biomass pellet-making machine

Application Of Biomass Pellet-Making Machine
application of biomass pellet-making machine

The wood pellet mill machine is very good at handling difficult-to-bond and difficult-to-form materials. Such as poplar, jujube, branches, coconut shells, sawdust, palm silk, bark, etc. In addition, there are straws and rice husks of other crops, such as rice husks, sunflower seed shells, peanut shells, coffee beans, coconut shells, etc.

What are the requirements for raw materials of pellet mill

The moisture content of the material in the granulation chamber should be kept between 13-18%, and the size can be less than 5mm. The finished product is 6-8mm. The surface of the product processed by the granulator is smooth, without cracks, and high hardness, The length can be adjusted.

The structure of the wood pellet extruder machine

The wood pellet machine includes a feed hopper, an electric control box, a motor, a pelletizing chamber, a discharge port, and a reinforced base. The wood pellet machine has a simple structure and is easy to operate. The wood pellet mill machine is strong and durable.

How the wood pellet mill machine works

The following steps work together to enable the wood granulator to efficiently convert wood or woody biomass into a pelletized product of consistent specifications.

Material Feeding

Raw wood or woody biomass is introduced into the pellet mill through the feeding system.

Compression and Grinding

The material is fed into the compression chamber of the pellet mill, where the wood particles are well compressed and ground under high pressure and temperature.


The crushed wood pellets create a high-temperature and high-pressure environment inside the machine, under which the wood fibers soften and are subsequently extruded into compact pellets.


The pellets are cut into appropriate lengths through a cutter to ensure stable shape and quality of the pellets.

Parameters of flat die pellet mill machine

Wood Pellet Mill Machine
wood pellet mill machine
ModelCapacity (t/h)Power (kW)
wood pellet mill machine technical data

Advantages of wood pellet granulator machine

  • Save labor. The feeding speed can be adjusted according to the operating current of the wood pellet press machine, which increases the output, reduces power consumption, and avoids machine jamming failure caused by too fast feeding.
  • The high degree of intelligence. the wood pellet mill machine can control the machine panel when it is running, observe the temperature of the machine through the panel, and monitor whether the operating current of the equipment is stable.
  • Reduces energy consumption. design of the motor and deceleration integrated machine reduces transmission consumption and improves efficiency.
The video shows you the wood pelletizer’s excellent processing capability and outstanding production results.

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