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Our company recently successfully delivered a wood timber stripping machine to Slovakia. The customer is an entrepreneur with many years of experience in wood processing. His previous peeling machine was old and needed to be replaced. Have a deep understanding of log processing and a clear understanding of the equipment characteristics you need.

Customer needs and expectations

Slovakia is rich in forest resources, and the wood processing industry has always been one of its important economic pillars. With the continuous expansion of domestic and foreign markets, the demand for efficient and advanced wood processing equipment is gradually increasing. Meeting this demand is crucial to the development of Slovak wood processing enterprises.

In communicating with customers, he clearly expresses his needs and expectations. The wood he handles is mainly acacia wood, with sizes ranging from 5-25cm. In addition, he hopes that the timber stripping machine will be equipped with a diesel engine, equipped with racks and wheels so that it can be moved flexibly during work. (Machine details article: Wood Peeling Machine | Wood Log Debarker.)

Why choose our company

There are two reasons why the customer chose our company’s timber stripping machine: first, he learned about our company’s reputation in the field of wood processing equipment and expressed satisfaction with the performance of our products; second, our company has rich experience in international trade and can provide a full range of support, including transportation, customs declaration, and other services.

Port freight inquiry and explanation

Considering that the customer was importing for the first time and was not familiar with port matters, our company took the initiative to inquire about the port freight for the customer based on experience and information and explained the entire import process in detail to ensure that the customer had a clear understanding of every aspect of the transaction.

Timber stripping machine delivery and feedback

After the timber stripping machine was successfully delivered to Slovakia, the customer quickly installed and tested the equipment. He expressed satisfaction with the performance of the equipment and especially appreciated our company’s professional service throughout the transaction process. He said that he will continue to cooperate with our company in the future and recommend our products to partners in the same industry.