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The so-called continuous carbonization machine is common in the market

Continuous carbonization machines have been in the domestic charcoal production industry for a long time. Why is it that the carbon-free form of the mechanism of charcoal is widely known? If a commodity machine put into the market is not widely recognized, then it will naturally not be known to the public. The so-called continuous carbonization machine on the market is the same.

The so-called continuous carbonization machine commonly used in the market is just a kind of rotary drum type drying equipment. After the small workshop type machinery enterprise carefully carved the temperature upgraded version of the mechanical equipment, it can not be called carbonization equipment, or even called technical maturity. Mechanical equipment, today introduces the temperature problem of its problem defects.

It is well known that most of the materials used in mechanical equipment are made of steel, and drum-type rotary drive machines are no exception. What is the common working principle of the so-called continuous carbonization machine in the market? The material is turned over in a cylinder of steel material with a certain thickness, and the outer wall of the steel plate is heated by a heat source flame, and the steel plate is thermally conductive, thereby achieving the purpose of indirectly heating the material. The problem is that what we need is carbonization in the anaerobic state. In the steel drum, the oxygen-free state can be achieved, but what kind of state can the temperature rise?

carbonization furnace
You can search for the softening temperature of the steel in the search engine and you can reach the answer without further exploration: 500 degrees Celsius. Looking through the data for a detailed search, you will find that 500 degrees Celsius is only the laboratory softening temperature given by the steel plate material produced by the big steel mill. The steel sheet commonly used in the market does not reach such a softening temperature. Then, what is the specific use temperature of the ordinary steel plate?

The temperature of Q235-B is up to 350 °C! Most of the common steel plates in the market are Q235-C, and the use temperature is lower.
Speaking of this, everyone should have some insights. The so-called continuous carbonization machine is common in the market:

The temperature requirement for carbonizing wood raw materials is 435 ° C (this is the lowest grade of charcoal firing without burning smoke). How do these small workshop-style enterprises do this? The drum-type continuous carbonization machine made of steel plate is subjected to a temperature of more than 350 °C for a long time under the rotational motion of driving power, and the appearance is not deformed, and the machine is not scrapped.

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