The correct use of carbonization furnace

The “carbonization” process in the charcoal briquette production line equipment is an important part of the whole carbon production process. The fuel bar (semi-finished product) directly determines the product properties and the market price of the mechanism charcoal after the carbonization process. Then how to operate the carbonization furnace equipment reasonably and safely, now explain it to the users.

The harm of gas leakage in the use of carbonization furnace and preventive measures: the carbonization furnace must be tightly sealed. Once there is air leakage, the amount of oxygen entering the furnace cannot be controlled. The salary bar in the furnace is easy to auto-ignite excessively and carbonize. The temperature rises too fast so that the charcoal which is fired is loose and easily broken. Even worse, excessive oxygen will burn some of the fuel bars into a white powder (ash), resulting in a decrease in carbon production. Off, so the operation and furnace package should be carried out in strict accordance with our instructions.

In the carbonization process, the carbonization process is divided into three stages:

low-temperature discharge temperature, high-temperature calcination, and cooling and cooling. The salary bar has about 8% water when it enters the carbonization furnace. This water is the enemy of carbonization. Because the mechanism salary bar is most afraid of moisture, the water will seriously affect the quality of carbonization in the salary bar, so the time of the tide is essential. The drainage is generally 10-15 hours for the earth kiln and 2-3.5 hours for the mechanism kiln.

The heating time is long, which can prevent the salary bar from being cracked by moisture and ensure the quality of carbonization. When the furnace temperature rises to 300 degrees, a large amount of combustible gas can be generated in the furnace. These gases can be used to heat the furnace. The exhaust heat source for drying more than 400 degrees for the heat preservation calcination stage to seal the oxygen-free closed fire can be obtained by self-ignition cooling or water cooling.

After the end of the carbonization process, the user is prohibited from carrying out the charcoal operation under the premise of carbon removal or high temperature. The charcoal collection operation can be carried out under the premise that the ventilation of the furnace body is stable and suitable. After the collection, the charcoal is prohibited from being batched. The stacking of the warehouse shall be carried out in the air-cooling and flame-out operation within eight hours after the kiln is discharged to avoid the fire caused by the internal combustion of the charcoal after the mechanism is released.

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