Testing and proper start-up are required before the continuous carbonization machine is put into production

Before the formal production of a continuous carbonization furnace equipment, we will conduct a short test of the machine. After a period of operation observation, to ensure that the normal operation of the machine is normal, the power supply will be turned off and then to the machine. The material in the storage bin is filled, and finally, the power supply of the carbonization furnace equipment is restarted to be put into normal production.

Closer to home, why do we want to tell you about the test machine to officially put into production? The purpose is very simple, in order to let everyone clearly understand the start-up operation of the machine.

Carbonization Furnace
(The domestic advanced high-output continuous carbonization machine is independently developed and manufactured by Shuliy Machinery Co., Ltd., and has applied for national invention patent)

It is not difficult to find that the carbonization furnace equipment is divided into two start-up phases from the test machine to the formal production. In this case, a serious operational problem will be involved. That is, the machine is frequently started, and the carbonization furnace equipment is tested.

Turn off the running power supply to restart the running power supply. There should be a clear time interval. This interval is usually 30 minutes. If the machine is started too early, the working voltage will be affected. Because the machine after the test machine is already in the most In the state of good running-in, if the machine is restarted in the case of a short downtime, the production voltage may not be able to keep up with the fast-paced carbonization furnace equipment, and the direct load of the distribution motor may be impaired.

In the future, we should have a new understanding of the start of the machine, avoid frequent operation and start should pay attention to open the machine in the correct time difference interval, avoid the operation voltage is affected by the frequent start of the load, and provide stable operation for the machine. Operating voltage environment.

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