Hookah charcoal industry benefit analysis

When investing in an industry, the first thing we must pay attention to is the investment and income, and the automatic hookah charcoal forming machine is no exception. When investing in the automatic hookah charcoal forming machine industry, the first thing we must pay attention to is the investment cost of the industry.

The development prospect of shisha charcoal

The hookah charcoal industry is an environmentally friendly industry, which meets the current production standards of various countries for the manufacturing industry. Hookah charcoal has the characteristics of no smoke, no pollution, long burning time, etc. The variety of raw materials is also very rich, the production cost is controllable, and there are huge profits. space. What factors affect the production of hookah charcoal?

Hookah Charcoal Burning
Hookah Charcoal Burning

Factors affecting the development of hookah carbon

  • production scale. The scale of production involves the capacity of the market, the benefit of the enterprise, and the premise of determining the technical level of the production line. If the scale is too small, the profitability of the enterprise will be below, and if the scale is too large, it is easy to cause excess production capacity and increase risks, so the development level of local infrastructure should be considered before investing.
  • Production of raw materials. According to the construction unit’s own conditions, such as raw material conditions, site conditions, etc., the key is the supply conditions and quality of raw materials, and must not blindly follow the trend regardless of conditions.
  • Production technology level, that is, the technical orientation of new projects. To build a production line, its investment is directly related to the technical level. This requires choosing a powerful manufacturer to choose a reliable automatic hookah charcoal machine equipment.
After The Hookah Charcoal Burns
After The Shisha Charcoal Burns

Profit analysis of hookah charcoal production

1. Production cost

There is a lot of crop waste every year, and its utilization rate is less than 20%; forest product wastes, such as sawdust, branches, bamboo chips, peanut shells, etc., also have hundreds of millions of tons, and countless rice husks are directly rotted or burned. , not only pollutes the environment but also wastes limited resources, the automatic hookah charcoal forming machine can turn 1,000 tons of waste into 500 tons of new environmentally friendly energy – forming carbon every year. Formed charcoal can replace natural charcoal, which not only saves forest resources but also protects young forests.

2. Product sales range

In recent years, the supply of charcoal has been in short supply, and the demand has been increasing continuously. The United States, Japan, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and other foreign merchants are more welcome to form carbon.

3. Use of hookah charcoal

Life category: barbecue, heating, boiler, moisture-proof, home improvement.

Industry: Metallurgy, chemical industry, medicine, heat preservation, rubber, etc. all need a lot of charcoal.

From this analysis, the automatic shisha charcoal forming machine, as the main equipment for the production of formed charcoal, will definitely bring us direct economic returns from the investment. It is an investment choice with less investment and a quicker effect.

Zhengzhou Shuliy amchine of making shisha charcoal

Hookah Charcoal Making Line
Hookah Charcoal Making Line

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Hookah charcoal machine features

Hookah Carbon Processing
Hookah Carbon Processing

1. The fully automatic hookah charcoal production line is stable, reliable, easy to operate, simple, and has a long service life, and the products meet the requirements of export.

2 The product has a smooth surface, no adhesion, and zero loss. It can also be used in the chemical industry and various special industries. The advantages of using this process to produce formed carbon are obvious.

3. The quality of the charcoal products produced by the process is stable and there are many types of products. Now, in addition to the ordinary synthetic barbecue charcoal and heating charcoal, there are also instant ignition charcoal and industrial charcoal; the product quality and output are constantly improving; it is the future development. trend.

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