Environmental protection and energy saving in the process of carbonization furnace

The smokeless continuous carbonization furnace is a new environmentally friendly product developed by our company. Mainly use dry distillation carbonization technology, in high-temperature closed equipment, the water, wood acetic acid, and wood tar in the raw materials are gasified, and then the flue gas purification system is used to make them the main heat source during carbonization. During the whole process, there is no smoke, environmental protection, and no wastewater discharge. The equipment adjusts the carbonization temperature through the PLC control cabinet, the carbonization quality is stable, there is no dead angle, the operation is simple, convenient, and easy to learn. In addition, according to market demand, our company is equipped with a self-developed biomass gasifier, which has a reasonable design structure, strong usability, and high gas production efficiency. The important thing is to recover the flue gas, which has a good environmental protection effect.

Introduction of smokeless continuous carbonization furnace

The smokeless continuous carbonization furnace is a special product that converts various biomass fertilizers into machine-made carbon. It is suitable for the carbonization of small raw materials such as sawdust, rice husk, fruit husk, bamboo chips, fungus, and pulverized biomass. The charcoal powder has high carbon content, keeps the original state without damage, continuous feeding, and continuous charcoal; the smokeless continuous carbonization furnace is carbonization equipment for processing raw charcoal, machine-made charcoal, and coconut shell charcoal blocks. It is suitable for machine-made fuel sticks, logs, The carbonization of large raw materials such as coconut husk, woodblock, pine nuts, straw, etc., continuous use, short carbonization time, high carbonization output, and good product quality.

Continuous Carbonization Furnace
Continuous carbonization furnace

The flue gas generated during the carbonization process of the smokeless continuous carbonization furnace is fully recovered, and the combustible gas generated is subjected to secondary combustion through the processes of spraying, cooling, and purification. Circulate in this way, use the combustible gas produced by the self to burn the self, and achieve the effect of energy-saving.

Equipment included in smokeless continuous carbonization furnace

The smokeless continuous carbonization furnace adopts a reasonable smokeless and environmentally friendly carbonization process and is a new type of rapid carbonization and energy-saving equipment. Adopting a reasonable smoke-free environmental protection carbonization process, the whole set of equipment includes:

  1. The whole set of equipment consists of the gasification system (gasification furnace, spray tower, dust collector);
  2. Purification system (spray tower, oil-water separator, filter);
  3. Carbonization system (carbonization host, screw feeder, screw feeder, cooling discharger, conveyor, finished product cooling bin);
  4. Control system (control cabinet).

Features of smokeless continuous carbonization furnace

The smokeless carbonization furnace adopts advanced technologies for the recovery, purification, and circular combustion of combustible gases such as carbon monoxide, methane, and oxygen produced during the carbonization process. It not only solves the problem of pollution to the environment caused by the thick smoke produced by the ordinary carbonization furnace during the carbonization process, but also solves the problem of heat energy required by the charcoal machine equipment, fully achieves self-sufficiency, and improves the continuity, economy, and full utilization of the equipment The agricultural and forestry residues turn waste into treasure, alleviate the tension between the supply and demand of my country’s forestry resources, and make more contributions to the greening of the environment. The flue gas generated in the process of the smokeless carbonization furnace is then sprayed, cooled, purified and other processes, so that the generated combustible gas undergoes secondary combustion. Circulate in this way, use the heat generated by the body to burn the body, and achieve the effect of energy-saving. Moreover, after the flue gas is purified in the pipeline, there is no flue gas in the production environment, which is environmentally friendly and meets the national exhaust gas exhaust standard.

Flue Gas Purification System
Flue gas purification system

Smokeless continuous carbonization furnace specializes in processing waste biomass materials. Our company is committed to building a professional smokeless continuous carbonization furnace with reasonable, convenient, labor-saving, safe, ideal, wide-ranging, and economical carbonization equipment. The material that can be carbonized by the smokeless continuous carbonization furnace is biomass material. The solid biomass of this equipment has combustion properties through indirect thermal cracking at a controllable temperature to form continuous carbonization equipment for biomass carbon. The full automation of the smokeless continuous carbonization furnace has gradually replaced manpower, material resources, and labor, saving costs and greatly improving production efficiency. The entire carbonization process is automated production, with simple operation, saving time and labor and labor.

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