Charcoal machine needs to be repaired and maintained

The charcoal machine has become a symbol of the times, symbolizing the development of science and technology and taking a big step forward. The use of charcoal machines is becoming more and more common. Many traditional charcoal manufacturers have switched to energy-saving and environmentally friendly charcoal machines to produce charcoal, but most operators are unable to maintain the machine in time, resulting in a service life that is far below the standard. The use time, then how to judge whether the machine needs maintenance? To judge whether the machine needs maintenance or not, it is necessary to judge according to the operation condition of the machine.

When the following conditions occur, maintenance is required:

1. The charcoal mechanism rod system has a greatly reduced sticking speed, the efficiency is obviously reduced, and the quality of the rod is reduced, and the carbon rod is loosely slag, which is caused by the reduced working efficiency of the internal pressing system of the rod system for a long time. The rod system should be cleaned and added with lubricating oil to improve the lubrication of the hydraulic shaft.

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2. The dryness of the raw materials does not meet the standard requirements, which causes the sawdust briquette machine to often get stuck. This situation indicates that the charcoal machine needs maintenance, mainly because the temperature of the dryer does not reach the specified temperature, resulting in insufficient raw materials. Drying, directly into the sawdust briquette machine, the wet material is stuck in the rod system, causing the sawdust briquette machine to jam.

3. The sawing rods of the sawdust block mechanism are separated from each other and cannot be evenly connected together. This situation indicates that the hydraulic system of the charcoal machine needs to be repaired and maintained, and the pressure of the hydraulic system is insufficient, resulting in the charcoal structure not being Steady, there is a phenomenon of detachment when the stick is released.

The maintenance of the charcoal machine can effectively improve the production efficiency of the machine, and can greatly extend the service life of the machine. At the same time, the method of mastering whether the machine needs maintenance or not requires the operator to have certain practical experience, and obtain it according to the usual production. The experience to determine whether the machine needs to be repaired.

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