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Recently, we successfully exported a BBQ charcoal briquette forming machine to Mexico. The customer operates a company specializing in BBQ charcoal sales, and the main products are supplied to local BBQ stall owners. He was attracted by our YouTube video and chose our machine.

How The Customer Contacted Us

While looking for BBQ charcoal manufacturing equipment to improve production efficiency, the customer accidentally discovered the BBQ charcoal briquette forming machine operation demonstration video released by our company by browsing YouTube.

Attracted by the efficient and stable operation of the equipment and the high-quality barbecue charcoal produced in the video, the customer quickly contacted us through the contact information provided below the video.

Business Requirements and Expectations

  • As a professional BBQ charcoal sales company, the customer’s business is mainly focused on providing high-quality BBQ charcoal to local BBQ stall owners.
  • Due to the increase in market demand, the customer urgently needs a charcoal briquette forming machine that is efficient, stable, and able to meet the demand of mass production.
  • He expects the new machine to improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and ensure the quality of BBQ charcoal meets the market standard.

Why Choose Our Charcoal Briquette Forming Machine

After in-depth communication with our business manager, the customer decided to choose our BBQ charcoal balling machine. The reasons are as follows:

  • The design of the machine takes into account the demand for mass production, which can make a large number of high-quality BBQ charcoal balls in a short time to meet the customer’s production plan and improve market competitiveness.
  • Customers speak highly of the cost-effectiveness of our BBQ charcoal briquette forming machine. The high efficiency and stability of the machine enable the company to reduce production costs and improve the competitiveness of the products. At the same time, the easy operation of the machine reduces the labor cost and creates more profit margins for customers.
  • Our company provides customized service to customize the machine configuration according to the actual needs of customers to ensure that the machine can fully meet the production needs of customers.
  • The machine is made of high-quality materials and an advanced manufacturing process, which has a long service life and reduces maintenance and replacement costs.

The customer said that by introducing our BBQ charcoal briquette machine, the company will continue to improve production efficiency and expand market share. He plans to expand the production scale in the future and launch more kinds of barbecue charcoal products to meet the needs of different consumers.