Carbonization machine use and maintenance

In the process of charcoal making charcoal. The carbonization process is the main production process, and the operation and maintenance of the carbonization machine is the factor to ensure the quality of charcoal production of charcoal. The operation and maintenance users of the carbonization machine need to pay attention to the points, so as to ensure the use of charcoal. The machine produces good charcoal.

Carbonization machine work

After the charcoal machine is made into a shaped rod, it is carbonized by a carbonization machine. When the charcoal is burned, the lower body of the furnace is placed in the center of the flat ground, and four fan-shaped grates are installed, and the upper body of the furnace is placed on the groove of the lower body of the furnace, and the ignition ventilator is erected at In the center of the grate, the chimney and the air duct are inserted in the flue and vents respectively.

The igniting material is placed in the shape of a well on the ignition ventilating; the carbon material is installed upright in the furnace, the head is upward, the large diameter grade and the water content are higher in the center of the furnace; the top of the carbon material is layered with a layer of fuel material.

Carbonization Machine

The top cover of the furnace is placed on the groove of the upper body of the furnace. For sealing, the grooves in each layer are filled with sand, and a layer of soil having a thickness of 250 mm is filled and compacted on the outer edge of the furnace.

Ignite with a flammable material such as Mingzi, and put it into the furnace from the ignition port on the top cover of the furnace, ignite the ignition material and the fuel material at the top of the carbon material, and continuously add the fuel material; when the temperature of the chimney mouth reaches 60 degrees Celsius, the cover is covered. The upper ignition port is sealed with sand and filled into the groove.

In the operation and maintenance of the carbonization machine, we need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Check whether the flower wall and the shape of each fire channel in the charcoal machine carbonization machine are normal, and make sure that there is no crack or falling off.

2. The explosion-proof door of the carbonization machine should be complete, compact, and free of debris around it, and the action is flexible and reliable.

3. Each adjustment door is complete and rigorous, the switch is flexible, and the indication position is consistent with the actual situation.

4. Each water seal groove column is normal, strict and reliable.

5. The pusher and scraper of the carbonized operate normally.

After the maintenance work of the charcoal machine carbonization machine, the safety measures are very important. The user must correctly master the operation methods and precautions, and maintain the charcoal machine, which can ensure the smooth production of the charcoal machine and the economy of the charcoal machine. benefit.

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