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Application of wood vinegar industry, by-products of charcoal machine production

The viscous dark brown liquid produced by the charcoal flue gas produced by the charcoal machine is stratified after standing, and the top layer is wood light oil, the middle layer is wood vinegar, the bottom layer is wood tar, and the wood vinegar is yellow. Known that brown has a strong acetic acid-flavored liquid, it can be transparent or nearly transparent after purification. The main components of wood vinegar are water and acetic acid and some active substances, we will not introduce them one by one.

Because the wood vinegar is extracted from natural culture components that are not artificially added, it is good for the environment and human body oil and can be naturally degraded. It is a very good herbicide and herbicide and has a good killing effect on various harmful bacteria. Therefore, wood vinegar is widely used in food, daily necessities, and agriculture.

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Due to the lack of attention paid to the deep processing of charcoal products in China, especially after the research and development of charcoal by-products, there are few domestic companies that claim to study wood vinegar are also playing the concept, and have not developed a suitable domestic situation from the perspective of market demand. Wood vinegar products.

The application of wood vinegar in agriculture has been done in Japan for many years. Whether it is wood vinegar foliar fertilizer or wood vinegar sterilizing agent, it is good to market demand, and Japan’s pesticide and fertilizer control for agricultural applications are very strict. Therefore, the wood vinegar cannot only kill harmful bacteria and pests but also natural degradation after being processed by the insecticide, and it becomes a plant fertilizer. The effect of foliar fertilizer on wood vinegar is also very obvious, and the effect on crop yield increase is obvious.