A batch of charcoal equipment was delivered to Zimbabwe

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The good news is that in January 2023, we completed cooperation with Zimbabwean customers, who purchased a batch of charcoal equipment.

Which charcoal equipment did Zimbabwean customers buy?

Zimbabwean customers purchased sawdust briquette-making machines, charcoal-making machines, and conveyor belts. The raw materials used to produce coal sticks and rectangular charcoal are different, and the machines used are also different.

Why did Zimbabwean customers choose us?

Charcoal Equipment
Charcoal Equipment

Shuliy has many types of machines, and there are many models of each machine, so you can choose from a wide range; in addition, our company supports machine customization. For some special requirements of customers, we can communicate with factory technicians to meet customer needs as much as possible; Finally, we have excellent service, including after-sales.

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