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Earlier this month, a large-capacity comprehensive wood shredding machine was completed and delivered to a local professional timber recycling business in Australia. The customer will use this machine to mainly process and crush large wood pallets waste wood furniture and other waste wood, to realize the reuse of waste wood.

Customer needs analysis introduction

This Australian customer is a company that focuses on wood recycling and reuse and is committed to reprocessing waste wood to reduce the consumption of natural resources and pollution of the environment.

Facing the increasing volume of waste wood and the call for environmental protection, the customer urgently needs a comprehensive wood crusher machine that can efficiently process large-scale waste wood to improve the utilization rate of wood recycling.

Reasons for purchasing a large capacity wood shredding machine

After market research and product comparison, the customer chose the large-capacity integrated wood crusher provided by our company.

This machine has the following features: high capacity, capable of processing a large amount of waste wood; high stability, suitable for long-term operation; simple operation, easy maintenance; high crushing efficiency, which can meet the customer’s production demand.

Why choose our company

Customers are looking forward to establishing a long-term cooperative relationship with our company. On the one hand, our factory has advanced equipment manufacturing technology, reasonable price and fast completion and delivery, which can meet the urgent needs of customers.

In addition, we provide comprehensive customer service, including installation, commissioning, training, and after-sales maintenance, to provide customers with all-around support.