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At the end of last month, one of our horizontal wood debarking machines was successfully delivered to Yemen, injecting new vitality into the local furniture industry. The introduction of this machine will help customers to debark felled logs, improve processing efficiency, and provide high-quality wood raw materials for furniture companies.

Customer background and needs analysis

This Yemeni customer is a company specializing in wood processing and is committed to providing high-quality wood raw materials to furniture manufacturers. Facing the increasing competition in the market and the customer’s demand for quality, the customer urgently needs an efficient horizontal wood peeler to improve the efficiency and quality of log processing.

Why choose our wood debarking machine

Our company has advanced technology and rich experience in the field of wood processing equipment; the wood debarking machine undergoes strict quality control to ensure the stability and durability of the machine.

In addition, we provide a comprehensive after-sales service guarantee, including installation and commissioning, operation training regular maintenance, etc., to ensure that customers’ production runs smoothly.

Expectations and prospects

By introducing the wood log debarker machine, this Yemeni company hopes to improve the efficiency and quality of log processing and meet the furniture company’s demand for a high-quality wood.

They are looking forward to establishing a long-term and stable relationship through cooperation with our company, and jointly promoting the development and growth of the furniture industry in Yemen.