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Why is the quality of charcoal you do not be good?

Two days ago, a Brazilian customer said that the quality of his charcoal was not very good. Ask me how this is going on. Here I tell my friends what is causing the poor quality of charcoal burning. The mechanism of the wood sawdust charcoal briquette machine is not good. The quality of the carbon is usually caused by the ash of the mechanism carbon. Why does the charcoal machine produced by the charcoal machine have a large charcoal ash? If the ash is large, the charcoal that is burned out is definitely of poor quality. How to find the cause and solve the problem:

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1, see if the raw materials are clean
2. Is the ash content of the raw material itself too high?
3. The temperature at the time of carbonization is too high
4, the heating time is too long.
The raw materials are not clean: the main method to solve this problem is to control the transportation process of raw materials, try to ensure that the raw materials are not polluted during transportation; on the other hand, control the storage conditions of raw materials and avoid the pollution of sand and soil. At the same time, we must also control the source of raw materials.
The raw material itself has a high ash content: for example, rice husks, straws, weeds, etc., the ash content of the material itself is relatively large, so the amount of carbon ash produced is relatively large, and generally the charcoal cannot be used in the barbecue industry. Can only be used in industry.