What preparations should be made for the production of large sawdust charcoal equipment?

Large sawdust charcoal machine equipment has many precautions before production. In order to enable users to better operate the equipment and safety during operation, Shuliy Machinery will explain the specifics to the user from three aspects: raw material selection, production safety, and charcoal firing method. Precautions.

Machine-made charcoal raw material selection:

We know that in order to invest in charcoal machine equipment to make money, we must have enough raw materials for the production of charcoal, of course, we must also purchase the corresponding large sawdust charcoal machine equipment according to the quality of the material, if your local environmental protection requirements are very strict, and If the site requires environmental protection, you must choose a large sawdust charcoal machine, otherwise it will not be able to start production.

If the required charcoal production is not too large, and you can use it for your own use, you can choose a small sawdust charcoal machine. In addition, the raw materials for charcoal production must be sufficient, and sufficient raw materials must be available to continuously produce carbon. Any business must be tailored to local conditions. It is necessary to choose the appropriate sawdust charcoal machine equipment according to the actual situation of the company, and must not blindly launch, or regret it.

Sawdust briquette machine
Sawdust briquette machine

Machine-made charcoal production safety:

Manufacturing machine-made charcoal raw materials reasonable storage production, scientific management. Machine-made Charcoal equipment According to the environment of the charcoal plant, the wood and other charcoal-fired materials are placed in the upper air outlet. Do not pile up together, and stack them separately. It is better to have fire-fighting equipment or isolation facilities to prevent fires.

After doing the above preparations, we should pay attention to the problem of drying wood. The degree of dryness and humidity of firewood has a great influence on the output of charcoal. As long as the moisture of the wood is suitable, the charcoal production time can be saved, and the charcoal produced has higher carbon content and better quality because it does not need to evaporate water.

Machine-made charcoal firing method:

firing machine-made charcoal, optional straw charcoal machine, sawdust charcoal machine combined with carbon powder rod machine according to the operation of charcoal machine manufacturers to operate the filling, calcination, cooling, carbon charging process to carry out the machine-made of charcoal production, specific You can consult the technicians of Shuliy Machinery for the operation.

In fact, the machine-made of charcoal manufacturing is not so advanced and difficult. Just choose the right sawdust charcoal machine equipment, according to reasonable production methods and precautions, it is not difficult to manufacture high-quality charcoal. Master the reasonable maintenance technology of charcoal machine equipment. Production technology is the main method to increase charcoal productivity.

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