What are the wrong ways to use hookah charcoal ?

Water pipe smoking is an enjoyable pastime, and when you first start smoking water pipes, it is invariably easy to develop some bad water pipe smoking habits. But it is the correct use of hookah charcoal that can lead to an enjoyable experience. So I have compiled a list of common mistakes in using shisha charcoal for you, so hopefully, you can avoid some of them.

Shisha Charcoal
Shisha Charcoal

Moving while the shisha charcoal is burning

Hookah Charcoal
Hookah Charcoal

Burning charcoal is dangerous! If you accidentally drop it on the carpet, it will probably burn up. It is even more dangerous to move a burning sooty carbon, so I hope you can change this bad habit. Try not to move the charcoal when it is burning.

Use tongs to hold several pieces of hookah charcoal at once

Hookah Charcoal
Hookah Charcoal

It is best to use a coal rack and first transfer all of the burning shisha charcoal to the coal rack, then carefully transfer the hookah charcoal from the coal rack all the way to the pot. When using tongs, be sure to use tongs that grip the top and bottom of the coals, not the sides. Otherwise, too much charcoal will fall off, so be careful while enjoying the hookah!

Use hookah charcoal before it is fully lit

When it comes to lighting your hookah charcoal, choose well-lit ones. Using unlit ones will give you a horrible taste and heat up very unevenly. Most importantly, when your hookah coals are initially lit, especially if they are lit quickly, they will give off some nasty smells. Leave the coals on the burner until they are completely covered with ash and glowing red. Always light your hookah charcoal completely before using it.

What is good shisha charcoal?

Water-smoke carbon mainly has round and triangular, round more, is a kind of fast-burning carbon, water-smoke carbon has no smoke, non-toxic, odorless characteristics, and water-smoke carbon heat is high, a little that is burning, burning time is long, a small piece of water-smoke carbon can burn about an hour. When burning is not fragile. Want to produce high-quality hookah carbon, and good hookah charcoal equipment, Shuliy company has carried out shisha charcoal production equipment, if you do not need to contact.

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