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The round hookah coal press machine manufactured from the Shuliy factory is high praised by lots of domestic and foreign customers. The industrial hookah charcoal briquette machine can press the well-mixed charcoal powder into round tablets. Up to now, customers from many countries have ordered this round hookah charcoal making machine from our factory, such as Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Indonesia, the Philippines, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria and so on. We once again exported a hookah coal machine with a capacity of 300kg/h to Nigeria last week.

At present, there are usually two types of hookah charcoal tablet presses commonly used in the market, one is for making cube-shaped hookah charcoal, and the other is for processing round hookah charcoal. As for the choice of hookah coal press machine, it is usually determined by the customer’s production needs.

Because the round hookah charcoal sheet has a beautiful appearance, a slightly larger volume, and a longer burning time, it is more popular in the market. Therefore, the demand for round hookah charcoal machines in the international market is also greater. On the other hand, round hookah charcoal is easier to use shisha charcoal packaging machine for packaging.

Features of round shisha charcoal machine for Nigeria


The shape of the circular hookah charcoal press machine is very similar to the shape of the square hookah charcoal machine, and its working principle is basically the same. Their main difference is that the molding die and molding pressure of charcoal briquettes are different. The conveyor belt of the round hookah charcoal machine usually adopts a mesh belt structure.

When conveying the finished hookah coals, the excess carbon powder can be screened out. The output of the round hookah coal machine is usually 200kg/h to 600kg/h. The output of the machine will also vary according to different production needs. If the customer produces small waterpipe charcoal, the production efficiency is higher and the output is relatively high.

Details about Nigerian order of round hookah charcoal press machine

This Nigerian customer has its own charcoal processing plant, which mainly produces and sells various raw charcoal. The customer’s factory has built 3 charcoal kilns, which can produce approximately 2 tons of finished charcoal per day. The Nigerian customer is very interested in the business of processing and selling hookah charcoal. He believes that the production of hookah charcoal can increase the added value of charcoal and obtain higher profits.

Round Hookah Charcoal
Round Hookah Charcoal

Our sales manager formulated a complete hookah charcoal production plan according to the customer’s needs and provided him with a very favorable quotation. He also sent him feedback videos of other Nigerian customers’ equipment usage.

Since it was the first import, the Nigerian customer was a little worried about the quality of the machine. In order to reassure customers, we invite customers to visit our factory and test the machines in person. In the end, the client entrusted his younger brother who was studying in China to visit our factory, and we also recorded a video of the factory for him. The customer was very satisfied with the service we provided and soon chose to cooperate with us.

Charcoal-Round Charcoal