Two different types of charcoal production

Charcoal is the product of incomplete wood combustion and is an environmentally friendly fuel. There are two main ways of processing charcoal, the order of carbonization and molding can be exchanged. Both ways can produce high-quality charcoal. Shuliy charcoal machine company has been exported for ten years and has a set of charcoal production equipment with different output and types of carbonization ovens.

Charcoal Production
Charcoal Production

Type one: first carbonization and then forming

The first carbonization is to carbonize the materials such as coal powder, sawdust, wood and bamboo powder, bamboo charcoal powder, wine lees, bagasse, and other waste materials first, some like branches, tree segments, straw, and so on need to be carbonized and then crushed, to reach 5-8MM can be pressed into carbon rods by carbon powder molding machine. The carbon products packed in this way are finished charcoal and do not need to be charred again.

Type two: first molding and then carbonization

The raw materials used are generally peanut shells, corn cobs, and rice straw, which are crushed first, and then dried after the material is crushed. Such carbon rods are semi-finished products, that is, raw rods. Then comes the final step of carbonization, so that the carbon rods can be wood chip carbon.

Advantages of the two methods of charcoal production

Carbonization Furnace
Carbonization Furnace

The finished products can be made in various shapes, such as water-smoke charcoal and honeycomb coal, and the crushed charcoal can be processed again without wasting raw materials. The productivity of charcoal is high. The charcoal is first formed and then carbonized in the second way, which is easy to operate and consumes less energy. Both these two ways of carbon production are available, and the charcoal processed is very good. You can choose the machine according to the actual needs of your production.

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