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To help South African customer to understand the heat source of continuous carbonizer

For customer from South Africa did not quite understand where the heat source of the continuous carbonized came from, the workers in our factory gave him a detailed answer, and here we will share this answer with you in detail.

The heat source of the continuous carbonized comes from the gasifier, which is equipped with the gasifier device.

1. Before the continuous carbonization machine starts, the heating furnace shall be initiated by a heat source.

carbonization furnace

(1)One method is to use the hot gas flow generated by the reflector to innate the combustion furnace, so as to achieve the goal of heating. the combustion furnace, so as to achieve the goal of heating.

(2)The other is to use the gasifier device to ignite the sawdust through the gasifier. The combustible gas produced by gasifier will be burned to heat up the charcoal furnace. (the gasified sawdust passes through the carbonization furnace becomes carbonized carbon powder, and the combustible gas is recycled through the wood tar recovery device.)

2. When the coking furnace is heated to a certain temperature, the combustible gas generated in it is separated by the dust separator. The combustible gas after the dust separation is recovered by the wood tar recovery device (generally, 200kg-300kg of wood tar can be obtained for each ton of carbon powder).

3. After the carbonization furnace heats and gas is produced, the reflector heating or gasifier gas producing device stops working at the same time, and the preliminary heating is finished.

4. After about 2-3 hours of operation (according to different temperature), the carbon powder flows into the condenser and flows out of the condenser. If the equipment is running well, and the material can be continuously discharged. Therefore, this carbonization furnace is called continuous carbonization furnace.

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