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The repair of the propeller is the focus of the charcoal briquette production line when producing charcoal

Production mechanism charcoal, with raw materials, electricity, equipment, factory and other conditions, the rest is how to use these conditions to create value for us. At this time, it is necessary to mention the operation of the equipment such as the pulverizer, the dryer, the rod making machine, the carbonization furnace, and the repairing technology of the rod maker. Because of the technical guidance of manufacturers of charcoal briquette production lines, the operation of charcoal machine equipment is not a problem for many customers, and people often overlook the repair technology of propellers.

charcoal briquette production line

We all know that the rod pusher is a wearing part, and its performance quality directly affects the rod quality of the rod making machine. However, many customers think that when they use the charcoal production technology, they will operate and produce charcoal. They think that everything is fine, but I don’t know that there is a more important part, that is, the repair technology of the propeller. Because the thrust of the top end of the propeller is in contact with the raw material during the high-speed rotation, the end face is seriously worn, so its service life is short, and the slightly poor propeller needs to be repaired in about 3 days. . Although the charcoal briquette production line manufacturers use propellers made of high temperature and wear resistant materials, the service life is only about 10 days. It is precisely because the propeller is prone to problems, so if the repair technology of the propeller is not well mastered, it will become our biggest trouble in the production of charcoal.
In order to achieve mutual benefit and win-win between the charcoal machine manufacturers and customers, the charcoal briquette production line manufacturers will teach the customer the equipment to install the equipment, will pass the mechanism charcoal production operation technology and propeller repair technology to the customer, to ensure that the customer can operate independently, and can Very good to repair the thruster.

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