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The process of charcoal must strictly control the temperature of the carbonization furnace

The firing machine-made charcoal should strictly control the furnace temperature. Customers who have done charcoal should know that the furnace temperature rise of the carbonization furnace is caused by the combustion of the combustible gas spontaneously burned or decomposed by the fuel rod in the furnace to generate heat. Secondly, we must grasp the relationship between the speed of rising and the quality of carbon.

carbonization furnace
continuous carbonization furnace

Generally speaking, under the condition that the furnace does not leak, the temperature rises faster, the density of produced carbon is small, the carbon is brittle, and the crack is more, but the charring time of the salary bar can be shortened, that is, the single furnace can be improved. Monthly production. This type of charcoal is more suitable for industrial and agricultural and domestic hot pot materials. If the furnace temperature rises slowly, the internal structure of the salary bar changes, the decomposition is moderate, and the carbonization rate is slow, but the carbon structure is harder than the former, the carbon surface is smooth, the crack is small, and the ratio is large, which has a certain economy for long-distance transportation. Value, but the monthly output of a single furnace is reduced. This kind of charcoal is suitable for industrial and agricultural and domestic barbecue and hot pot materials.

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