The key to the price of charcoal machine equipment lies in its configuration.

Charcoal machine equipment is the raw material containing lignin through the processing and production of machine-made charcoal equipment, and customer telephone consultation is often the most concerned about the price of charcoal machine equipment, Shuliy  Machinery for everyone to analyze the price of charcoal machine equipment, charcoal machine equipment price is the key to configuration: the different needs of raw materials configuration corresponding The pulverizer, wood pulverizer, straw pulverizer, pulverizer equipment of different prices are different, pulverized materials require moisture protection within 12, will be used to dryer equipment, dryer is divided into airflow dryer, drum dryer, drying principle and output of different prices are also different, prices are manufacturer Self made and customized. Some customers will ask, some manufacturers charcoal machine price difference is not, some manufacturers far-reaching price difference, the reason is that the configuration is different, customer friends must pay attention to the purchase of equipment must understand what equipment is included.


The superiority of machine-made charcoal gradually replaces the original charcoal. The customers who have just contacted the machine-made charcoal equipment will ask the price of the telephone consultation equipment. The processing machine-made charcoal first depends on what the raw materials are. According to the different configuration of raw materials, the relative crusher and dryer. Bar making machines and carbonizing furnaces are necessary equipment. If you use sawdust to produce machine-made charcoal, you only need a dryer, rod-making machine, and a charring furnace to complete the production of machine-made charcoal. If you are familiar with charcoal burning, you can save the charring furnace is a clay kiln to burn machine-made charcoal or raw charcoal. If you buy a better local machine, you can directly produce and sell the bars. No carbonization is required. In summary, the charcoal machine configuration determines the price.

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