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The essentials of mechanism charcoal molding

1, first of all, sawdust briquette machine is the key link, the quality of molding directly determines the qualification of finished products. Propeller is the key vulnerable part of sawdust briquette machine. Propeller is the vulnerable part. The friction produced by the contact between the top part of the propeller and the raw material in the process of high-speed rotation makes the end face of the propeller worn seriously.

When the end face angle becomes small or the contact surface becomes rough and speckled, the rod produced cannot meet the requirements of the sawdust briquette machine, or even not. At this point, the propeller should be repaired according to the method taught by the manufacturer’s technicians to meet the technical requirements. As long as the operator (or maintenance personnel) often practices and grope, it is easy to master.

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2. The humidity of raw materials and the humidity of raw materials have a direct impact on the molding effect, so the raw materials must be dried before making the bar, drying to a certain range, generally, 8% – 12% can be, the choice of the dryer is also very important.

3. The temperature of the forming tube of the sawdust briquette machine is generally controlled at 260 degrees centigrade 1 320 C. Temperature is mainly determined by raw materials. Generally speaking, the temperature of bamboo and wood raw materials is relatively low. It is appropriate to control the temperature between 260 and 280, the sawdust of hard and miscellaneous wood between 280 and 300, and the straw and rice husk can be selected from 300 to 320. Of course, the selection of the degree of raw materials to take into account the actual moisture content, with the same raw material, the temperature is also different, mainly by the operator flexible grasp. In addition, the color of the outer surface of the rod should not be too dark.