The composition of the new honeycomb forming machine

Use of the honeycomb forming machine:

The honeycomb forming machine is the main production equipment of many honeycomb coal production plants. It adds coal powder into the mold on the turntable and punches it into honeycomb coal through the punch.

Construction and principle

The machine has a simple structure and is divided into five parts: body, rotation, feeding, stamping and conveying. The parts work together and the operation is coordinated and stable.

Coal and charcoal extruder machine
Coal and charcoal extruder machine


1. The body part: consists of a platen and a machine base, which are opened into the skeleton of the machine.

2. Transmission part: It consists of a motor, pulley, gear, drive shaft and other components. The motor rotates the gear shaft through the pulley and transmits it to the transmission shaft through two gears. The pair of bevel gears and the rotating shaft drive the dial, and the dial is turned to move to the four-hole disc.

3. Feeding part: It consists of a rotating shaft, a hopper, and a stirrer. It is driven by an axial gear to stir the coal and mix it into the mold.

4. The stamping part mainly consists of four sliding rods, sliding beam, punching rod, punching seat, punching head, movable pressing plate, movable mold bottom and spring. When the machine rotates, the two gears rotate through the pull rod to drive the sliding beam. When the punch goes down, the punch is forced to move down, the movable plate moves up and the spring is tightened, the coal is pressed and the coal is punched, and the formed coal is loose, by the spring. Press the active platen to determine the compression of the coal.

5. The conveying part is composed of a conveyor frame, a pulley, a bracket, and a conveyor belt. The conveyor belt is randomly rotated to send the shaped coal out of the body, and the adjustable screw on the conveyor can adjust the tightness of the conveyor belt.