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The Application scope of Sawdust Briquetting machine

The charcoal machine is not an individual device, but a complete set of production equipment including crusher, dryer, sawdust briquette machine and carbonization furnace that guarantee smooth charcoal production, and among which, any absence device will cause a failed briquette making. But the wood grinding machine is not necessary for sawdust processing. The briquette making machine is the core equipment in the sawdust briquetting production line. So what do you know about the sawdust briquette processing line? The sawdust press can compact sawdust into 1 cm briquette without using any adhesive, controlling the water content, and making whole bars through the effect of extremely high temperature and pressure in a short time conducted on raw materials.

Sawdust briquette machine

Type of charcoal machine

Because of the differences of materials, the machine can be categorized into a variety of types, such as wood chips or bagasse processing, waste wood, which need to be pulverized into pellets by the grinder, and rice husks which can be directly pressed into briquette by sawdust briquette machine. To recycle the waste that should be thrown away for house heating or greenhouse heat preservation is a profitable choice. In addition, the sawdust press can process the particulate matter into different shapes briquettes meeting various needs.

The sawdust briquetting machine has made great breakthroughs in technology. The newly developed energy-saving sawdust briquetting press reduces the electricity cost by 55% and greatly reduces the production cost. The speed of rod making is fast (can make 60 cm rod in 20 seconds), with high density. The screw propeller made of special wear-resistant material is exquisitely cast, and its service life is more than 10 times longer than that of the traditional propeller. The molding sleeve is made of special alloy with a service life of one year. This top technology not only greatly reduces costs, but also saves manpower. After reading the above analysis, you will have more understanding of sawdust briquetting equipment. As long as we carry out proper maintenance, the service life of sawing briquetting equipment can be prolonged.