Structure and working principle of the commercial coconut shell carbonization furnace

Commercial continuous carbonization furnace is a new type of continuous carbonization equipment produced by the Shuliy Machinery Plant. This equipment organically combines the principle of gasification type continuous carbonization and the principle of drum heating, which can realize a new process of smokeless carbonization.

Continuous Carbonization Furnace In India

Continuous Carbonization Furnace in India

With the economic development in India, local environmental pollution problems are becoming more and more serious. In particular, the serious shortage of recycling of biomass waste and scraps in production has caused a great waste of resources and environmental pollution. How to achieve automatic smokeless carbonization in the continuous carbonization furnace during the carbonization?

Use of continuous carbonization furnace

Shuliy continuous carbonization furnace equipment production process model. The continuous carbonization furnace is very important to the wood carbon industry because the continuous carbonization furnace not only has a higher output than the cavern charcoal, but the most important one is the environmental protection problem. Under the influence of the environmental protection policy, the pollution…

Working principle of continuous carbonization furnace equipment

Working principle of continuous carbonization furnace: The continuous carbonization furnace produced by Shuliy Machinery utilizes the principle of dry distillation carbonization. The equipment can be used to decompose the materials in the furnace and decompose to form combustible gas, tar, and carbon. The three stages of work are as follows: Drying stage: the material enters…

Carbonization of coconut shell requires attention to temperature and humidity

Continuous carbonization furnace, when the coconut shell is carbonized, it must first be crushed and crushed to what extent. It can be determined according to the customer’s needs. The next step is drying. Drying is also very important. The general carbonized raw material is carbonized. When it is dry, otherwise, the effect of carbonization is…

Where does the heat source of the continuous carbonization machine come from?

The heat source of the continuous carbonization furnace is derived from the gasifier. The charcoal briquette production line is equipped with a gasifier. We can use our own gas supply furnace. first. When the continuous carbonization furnace starts to start heating, a heat source heating carbonization furnace is needed. 1 One is to use a…

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