Sawdust briquetting making machine delivered to Cambodia

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Last month, we shipped the sawdust briquette machine to Cambodia. The sawdust briquetting machine uses a machine for forming wood chips to form wood chips by heating and extrusion.

Raw materials used in sawdust briquetting machine

Plywood is a commonly used material for decoration or furniture production. There will be a lot of leftovers in the process of producing plywood. The use of the sawdust briquetting machine requires first crushing, processing into wood chips, and then briquetting in the use of the sawdust briquetting machine to generate fuel that is relatively resistant to burning and easy to transport.

Cambodia sawdust briquet machine customer introduction

Sawdust Briquett
Sawdust Briquette

The object of our cooperation this time is a plywood processing company. They have their own processing factory with a very large output. Many wastes in the production of plywood are wasted, and the customer wants to reuse these scraps. So want to buy a stick-making machine.

What raw materials can the wood briquetting machine use

It can process sawdust, sawdust, rice husk, bagasse, and crop straw as processing raw materials. After crushing, it is heated and circulated by a screw rod, and then shaped. The size is generally 50-80cm, and there will be holes in the middle to facilitate burning.

Sawdust briquet machine details

Sawdust Briquetting Machine
Sawdust Briquetting Machine

Model: SL-50

Capacity: 250-300 kg/h

Power: 18.5kw

Voltage: 380v, 50hz, 3phase

Package size: 1580*675*1625


Shuliy company introduction

Shuli is a foreign trade company with ten years of export experience. The company’s charcoal production line, briquet making machine, carbonization furnace, and other products, when we communicate with customers, we will configure suitable machines according to the different production materials of customers, such as the production of raw materials and coconut Shells, waste wood, etc, generally need to be crushed in the raw materials, produced into wood chips, and then processed.

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