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New charcoal making machine of Shuliy machinery

The new charcoal making machine sold by Shuliy machinery is the main equipment for producing charcoal, and it uses a wide range of raw materials. However, the new charcoal machine has strict requirements for raw materials in production, such as the water control and ash content of raw materials, which can affect the quality of charcoal and its economic benefits.

New charcoal raw materials

On the choice of varieties of raw materials, a new type of charcoal equipment can be used in the raw materials of bamboo and wood, sawdust, coconut shell, peanut shell, corn cob, shells, cotton pole, wood scraps, etc., the manufacturing process is to collect raw materials after crushing, grinding and then control the moisture (drying), use the rod after drying machine for carbon forming, and then uses the smoke-free mandrel carbide furnace, at last obtain high-quality machine-made charcoal.

The new charcoal machine caused by continuous work should be solved in a timely manner, and the constantly working charcoal equipment is prone to failure, and the machine will also get tired. The new charcoal equipment that works for a long time has a high or low output speed. Generally speaking, the reason is that the generator temperature is too high. It is necessary to shut down for a period of time to allow the charcoal equipment to have sufficient rest to reduce the generator temperature.

Shisha charcoal making machine

Production process

In the production process, if the feeding speed of the new charcoal making machine suddenly slows down, most of the situation is caused by the dry surface of the bearing of the conveyor belt, which can be relieved by injecting lubricating oil into the bearing of the conveyor belt. In fact, the fatigue of the new charcoal equipment cannot be regarded as a machine fault. The generation of such a situation has no great impact on the quality of the job and can be regarded as the job anomaly at most. Therefore, most operators are not too concerned, in fact, the occurrence of this situation should be reported to the technical department as soon as possible, timely resolution, to avoid failure.

New type of charcoal machine appear fatigued running, at present does not affect the operation quality but does not mean there is no problem in the future, problems such as the mechanism about above great output, appear this kind of circumstance after even if will not affect the quality of carbon, but if not timely solve, such as generator to heat up to a certain stage, can lead to burning generators and related components, at that time will stop to produce power. Therefore, after the production of new charcoal equipment abnormalities, must be dealt with as soon as possible, any abnormal phenomena should be reported to the technical department, waiting for professionals to solve.

New charcoal making machine in the process of production, the control of raw materials is very strict, users only grasp the new machine, can produce a good machine-made charcoal, at the same time to ensure the normal operation of new charcoal equipment, new charcoal machine production technology is also in constant progress, to ensure the long-term development of the charcoal industry.