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Is it power consumption with a carbonization furnace?

Investing in charcoal machines is not a piece of equipment for us, but a set of equipment. As investors, we will make a simple estimate of the cost of charcoal production at the beginning of investment in charcoal machines to ensure the ultimate stable income. In addition to the consumption of raw materials, the cost of electricity is also a big project. Many customers consulted and learned that the electricity cost of producing 1 ton of mechanism charcoal is about 300 degrees, which is naturally related to the carbonization furnace. Because the first feeling is that the carbonization time will be longer, then is the use of carbonization furnace really expensive?

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The answer is of course no. Through the understanding of the structure of the carbonization furnace, we know that the motor of the entire carbonization furnace is only 1.5Kw. From this point, we can know that the carbonization furnace is used continuously for 24 hours, and it does not cost much electricity. Compared to the number of 300 degrees, it is actually trivial. This is, some customers may ask, the carbonization furnace does not charge electricity, how to ensure the burning of the salary bar to produce high-quality charcoal? At the same time, what is the 1.5Kw motor used for?
The salary bar produced by the bar machine was processed into finished charcoal, and the carbonization furnace contributed. However, in the whole process of carbonization, the 1.5Kw motor only drives the fan to extract the flue gas inside the carbonization furnace, which is not directly involved in the whole process of combustion. The burning of the salary bar is mainly to ignite the salary bar in the carbonization furnace through the ignition of the ignition furnace, and the refractory insulation material in the carbonization furnace ensures the temperature inside the carbonization furnace, so that it is always kept under control. The temperature range allows the salary bar to be fully charged to get the quality charcoal we need.
In summary, although the carbonization process of the mechanism carbonization furnace is long, it takes about 20 hours to produce 1 ton of mechanism charcoal. However, since it refers to the 1.5Kw fan to play around, it is comprehensively speaking. The customer is completely unnecessary to use the earth kiln to burn charcoal because of the feeling that the carbonization furnace costs electricity.