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Introduction and application of sawdust briquetting machine

The sawdust briquetting machine is a device that uses a wooden material such as sawdust, rice husk, straw, branches, etc. to form a rod-shaped solid fuel under high pressure and high temperature conditions.

The sawdust briquetting machine utilizes the thermocouple temperature adjustment indicator, which can set the temperature according to the working needs, and the operation is stable and convenient. In particular, the super-catheter is arranged inside the machine, so that the heat energy can be quickly and quickly improved, the heating time is greatly improved, and the cost is saved. Increased efficiency. And it has the advantages of reasonable structure, simple operation and maintenance. The solid fuel produced by the sawdust briquetting machine is easy to ignite, has a high calorific value, and has less pollutants when burned, and is more convenient for storage and transportation. Can make full use of agricultural and forestry residual waste. Alleviate the contradiction of energy shortage in China.

Sawdust briquetting machine process: raw materials → pressurization → high temperature → forming

Sawdust briquette machine
Sawdust briquette machine

Installation and commissioning of sawdust briquetting machine:

  1. Fasten all the connecting screws of the wood rod forming machine, especially the three top wires in the machine heating cylinder, and the machine connects the electrical equipment and the machine power line.
  2. Check all lubrication parts of the sawdust briquetting machineto add gear oil.
  3. Check if the power supply voltage of the machine is normal.

4, no-load start sawing briquetting machine running for 5 minutes, no card, bump and other anomalies, you can put into normal production. When abnormal conditions are found in the machine test machine, it is necessary to stop immediately, find the cause, and then perform no-load operation after the fault is eliminated.

  1. Adjust the temperature regulator of the sawdust briquetting machineto the required temperature. When the temperature of the machine reaches the predetermined working temperature, it can be turned on and fed in an appropriate amount.
  2. Gradually increase the feed amount until the normal production of qualified products. When the wood rod forming machine is normally produced for 30 minutes, it indicates that the test run is successful and normal production is carried out.
  3. Before the machine stops, make no material in the hopper, and after the machine stops, turn the auger for 1 minute to make the stored materials in the propeller exit.
  4. The fuselage of the sawdust briquetting machine must be well grounded.