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Indonesia customers order large quantities of charcoal machine equipment.

Recently, many Indonesian customers have ordered large quantities of our charcoal machinery and equipment. Most of them are old customers of our company. They have great confidence in our charcoal machinery. Here, I would like to talk to friends about how to use charcoal machine to produce high quality mechanism carbon.

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In order to produce high quality machine-made charcoal, the charcoal machine equipment needs to be matched by organic equipment, which needs to be used in dryer, rod making machine, pulverizer, carbonization furnace and other equipment. The use of these equipments has a direct impact on the quality and quality of charcoal. So these devices must be kept under the best working conditions to produce high quality charcoal.

In the production process of charcoal machine, wood is the main raw material in the selection of raw materials. The first step is to crush large pieces of wood materials. The bar making machine is mainly made of charcoal molding equipment. Carbonization furnace is carbonized charcoal machinery. The dryer mainly plays the role of drying. Working parameters setting of charcoal machine:

  1. When the crusher pulverized large materials, the granularity was controlled below 10mm.
  2. The bar machine controls the density of the rod body to maintain the 1:1 ratio.
  3. The dry humidity control of the dryer ensures that the moisture content of sawdust is 6%-12%.

4, carbonization temperature should be 550 – 600 degrees.