Importance of control of coal-fired heat source in wood chip dryer

Today’s society is promoting energy conservation and emission reduction. As a manufacturer engaged in the production and manufacture of dryer equipment for many years, we are constantly striving to produce drying equipment that is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The cost of using the device is reduced, and the revenue is for our users.

Dryers generally use coal as a heat source. To reduce the cost of coal use, it is necessary to ensure that coal is fully burned. Factors such as the size of the coal, the thickness of the coal seam, and the amount of air blown affect the coal’s full combustion.

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Control of coal-fired heat source in wood chip dryer

First, coal is one of the heat sources we are most familiar with. If we choose to use coal as a heat source for wood chip dryers, we need to configure the corresponding coal-fired hot blast stove. Coal is used as a heat source. In the process of running the wood chip dryer, the effect of heat and gas transfer on the material is realized by the combustion of coal, and finally, the dehydration and drying of the wood chips are realized. In comparison, coal-fired heat sources are a common type in wood chip dryers, but air pollution may occur during use.

Secondly, in order to ensure the cleanliness of wood chip dehydration production, some users also choose to use electricity as a heat source for wood chip dryers. Of course, if electricity is used as a heat source, an electric heater is needed. The way electricity is used as a heat source is to convert electricity into heat energy, and finally to achieve dehydration and drying of wood chips. Under normal circumstances, the dehydration equipment has a very high thermal efficiency and a relatively high cost, and can basically reach more than 10 times the cost of coal-fired heat sources.

Third, in recent years, gas, oil, and the like as a heat source for wood chip dryers have often been selected by users. However, when using this heat source, it is important to pay attention to the safety of the transportation process. Although this heat source method has higher dewatering and drying efficiency, the cost is much higher than that of coal burning, there are not many users who choose this heat source method.

Drying wood chips is a kind of high-energy industrial production, and the effective reduction of fuel consumption can effectively reduce the amount of fuel used in production and reduce the overall use to low energy consumption.

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