How to control the water content of charcoal?

In the process of charcoal production, whether it can produce good quality charcoal is related to many factors, including charcoal production equipment, production technology, and production raw materials. The water content of the raw materials produced by the charcoal machine is an important technical factor in the process of charcoal machine processing.

Influence of water content in charcoal machine

Water Content Of Charcoal
The Water Content Of Charcoal

The water content of the raw materials for the charcoal machine equipment must be controlled by 12%, Generally, the moisture content is between 6% and 12%. If the water content is less than 6%, the conversion and viscosity of the raw materials are relatively poor, and the charcoal sticks after production are not strong and fragile. If the water content exceeds 12%, the charcoal after production is prone to softening, cracks, and low density.

How do determine the water content of charcoal machine raw materials?


It is difficult to observe the water content of the raw materials in the charcoal machine with the naked eye. It is usually determined by the hand feel. First, grab a handful of charcoal raw materials, knead them into a ball with your hands, and then release them suddenly. Observe the color of the raw material of the charcoal materials. If the color turns yellow, it means that the water content is appropriate. In the process of producing charcoal raw materials, it is necessary to pay attention to the water content of the charcoal raw materials. If the water content addition is not appropriate, it will cause trouble in the drying process.

Why can’t charcoal raw materials be stored for a long time?

During the processing, the environment itself has a certain humidity in the air, or because the production environment is relatively dry, long-term storage will cause the raw materials to lose water. More than six hours will lead to uncontrollable moisture in the raw materials for charcoal processing, and the quality of the raw materials cannot be controlled. Therefore, in the production process of the charcoal machine, the production of raw materials should be avoided overnight, and the daily production output should be calculated to avoid excess raw materials.

The considerations when buying charcoal equipment

Charcoal Equipment
Charcoal Equipment

1. First understand the development of charcoal and its future development prospects, and understand the raw materials for charcoal production. The charcoal production industry has good economic and social benefits due to the characteristics of energy-saving, environmental protection, and easy transportation. Now charcoal machines have been widely used in metallurgy, Chemical industry, agricultural production, animal husbandry, and living fields have broad development prospects.

2. The purpose of purchasing charcoal production equipment is to make a profit, so you must have a clear understanding of the machine parameters, characteristics, and usage methods when purchasing. Then choose the right charcoal machine according to the output

3. When choosing charcoal to buy, focus on the quality of the machine, the strength of the manufacturer, and the quality of service.

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