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How to adjust the temperature when producing charcoal sticks?

Customers who have produced machined charcoal should be aware that the rod-making machine propeller is a vulnerable part, and it is also important to adjust the temperature of the equipment during the rod-making process, so as not to produce unqualified raw bars, affecting the final carbonization. So, how can we adjust the temperature of the rod to make the raw rod meet the requirements?


Shisha charcoal making machine

The temperature of the forming barrel of the bar making machine in the series of machine-made charcoal machine equipment will directly affect the forming quality of the fuelrod. The heating links should be determined according to the specific steps of production: generally, the machine needs to be heated when starting the rod, the temperature is set at 300-320 degrees, after the machine is preheated, it is more appropriate to adjust the temperature at 260-300 degrees when making the rod.


The temperature depends mainly on the raw materials. First of all, we should know that the purpose of heating raw materials is to soften lignin and increase its viscosity for high pressure molding. If the temperature is too high, the raw material softens excessively, although the rod speed is fast, but the rod is not strong and soft; if it is too low, the raw material viscosity is poor, the rod is not solid, easy to form fault cracks. Therefore, in making rods is to control the temperature according to the requirements in the appropriate range.


Some customers may have seen the above introduction, feel more complex, They will not operate, will they affect the production of charcoal? What I want to tell you here is that our charcoal machine equipment manufacturer will specially guide the specific operation of customers until the user can produce charcoal independently.

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