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Grerat charcoal quality can make the machine-made charcoal burn longer

The machine-made of charcoal machine production is to distinguish the quality from the quality. The main method is to carry out the carbon quality according to the time of continuous combustion of the carbon. A good machine-made of carbon must have a good bar machine to squeeze out a high-density machine-made rod. For the basic technical conditions that want to make good carbon, it is to master the technology of carbonization. For carbon plants, only burnt charcoal can be more popular in the market. At the same time, it can also promote the rapid development of the equipment. However, in the actual production process, the charcoal burning time produced by the high-quality charcoal making machine equipment is also long and short. So what are the factors that determine the burning time of charcoal?

The burning time of charcoal produced by its solid wood carbon machine equipment is determined by two factors: the carbon content of the charcoal and the higher the calorific value. In the combustion, not only the calorific value is large, but also the contact between charcoal and air is required. The surface area should be small to prolong the burning time. Here the surface refers to the outer surface of the substance and the inner part of the pore.

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Ways to improve charcoal burning time:

1. One is to increase the forming pressure of the sawdust briquette machine in the production line of charcoal machine equipment and increase the density and strength of the rod.

2, the second depends on increasing the final carbonization temperature of the kiln, and slowing down the temperature of heating and cooling, so that the finished product has high density and high hardness.

Machine-made of charcoal machine production Charcoal is an environmentally friendly fuel that meets the national sustainable development strategy and has therefore been widely used. The machine production machine-made charcoal has been widely used in many industries and has been recognized by the market. Therefore, it is clear that the use of charcoal can safely invest in machines.

1. Efficient use of carbonized products: machine-made of machine production Charcoal has been used as a new application other than fuel, such as adsorption materials, sound insulation materials, electromagnetic shielding materials, etc.

2. Environmental purification materials: With the rapid development of the industrial economy, the environmental pollution caused by waste and toxic substances in the atmosphere and water is becoming more and more serious. Among them, water pollution is one of the important aspects. People use precipitation method, ion exchange method, solvent. Techniques such as extraction remove harmful components from aqueous solutions or gases. Since the machine-made charcoal has a mesh structure similar to that of activated carbon and a high specific surface area, and the production cost is cheaper than that of the activated carbon, the different types of machine-made charcoal have a so-called selective adsorption phenomenon that has different adsorption capacities for specific adsorbed substances, and the machine-made charcoal is purified in the environment. Applied research and development in the field have received much attention.