The environmentally friendly carbonization furnace is a new energy-saving and environmentally-friendly equipment in the current environmental protection production industry. It can process charcoal and logs and make a great contribution to environmental protection. Therefore, many users are purchasing environmentally friendly carbonization furnaces for charcoal. So how can environmentally friendly carbonization furnaces achieve energy conservation and emission reduction?

The environmentally friendly carbonization furnace mainly uses water, wood acetic acid, and wood tar in the raw materials to be carbonized under high temperature and semi-anoxic conditions. In the whole process, the carbonization temperature is controlled by manual adjustment, the carbonization quality is stable, the operation is simple, convenient and easy to learn. The size of the output can be customized according to customer needs.

The environmentally friendly carbonization furnace can use the carbonized part made of activated carbon. Due to the wide use of activated carbon, large market demand and high profit, many customers are keen to make activated carbon. The carbonized part of the production process of activated carbon is indispensable. The carbonized raw material of environmentally friendly carbonization furnace can be used. The carbon content is greatly increased.

Carbonization Machine

Carbonization furnace work

The environmentally friendly carbonization furnace equipment is made of peanut shells, sawn timber, corn stalks, bagasse, branches, rice husks, bamboo chips, sorghum poles, sunflower seed husks, distiller’s grains, corn cobs, sorghum poles, coconut shells, coffee grounds, cotton rods, Waste materials such as bean pole, hawthorn and dead leaves are used as raw materials, and high-quality, environmentally-friendly and efficient charcoal or carbon powder is produced through high temperature. The carbon material produced by the environmentally friendly carbonization furnace is clean and non-toxic, with high heat energy, good market sales and broad prospects. It is a fast-growing forest farm, sheet metal factory, woodware, bamboo processing factory, grain and oil processing plant, individual family, laid-off and reemployment. Ideal to invest in good projects.

The environmentally friendly carbonization furnace is composed of two parts, one is a gasifier and the other is a carbonization machine. The machine adopts dry distillation carbonization method, which fully utilizes the combustible gas such as carbon monoxide, methane, and hydrogen generated in the carbonization process, and separates the wood tar and the wood acid solution through the flue gas purification system to obtain a pure combustible gas, and then burns by self-matching air. The device is fully burned, heated to a high-temperature carbonization pipe, and finally carbonized into a carbon powder device.

All internal parts of environmentally friendly carbonization furnace are made of special high temperature resistant precious metal steel. It is durable, non-deformable, non-oxidizing and has good thermal insulation performance. The machine is easy to operate, safe and reliable. The company’s independent R&D team has carefully developed and developed environmentally friendly carbonization. The leading level of the furnace industry.

The above is the analysis of energy-saving and emission reduction in the production of environmentally friendly carbonization furnace. The charcoal produced by the charcoal machine can also directly carbonize the biomass waste, realize waste turning into treasure, and the environmental carbonization furnace is in the process of carbonization. Smoke-free environmental protection protects the environment.