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Does the production mechanism charcoal require additives?

As we all know, most of the raw materials for making machine-made charcoal are sawdust, branches, and other wood materials, and eventually through the crushing, drying, rod making, carbonization process, the wood raw materials into black mechanism charcoal. Many friends are curious about this process, especially when using the sawdust briquette machine , watching the raw material become a compact semi-finished rod instantly, wondering if it is added to a certain amount of additives. Then, is the production mechanism charcoal additive?

carbonization furnace

The customers who came to our factory will know that no additives have been added to the whole process. The reason raw materials can be extruded into fuel bars is that these materials have a common characteristic, that is, a certain amount of lignin, which will soften and liquefy when it reaches 200-300 degrees Celsius, so long as a certain pressure is applied to make it adhere closely to cellulose and cemented with adjacent particles, then it can be cured after cooling. Type. And the bar machine equipment manufactured by our factory is to make use of this characteristic of lignin to extrude the raw materials containing lignin into semi-finished products which we need, and then put them into the carbonization furnace for carbonization to make the finished machine charcoal.


However, some customers see or hear that some equipment in the molding process needs to add additives, I would like to say that the use of a carbon powder molding machine rather than rod machine, and its raw materials and processes are different, carbon powder molding machine is to add additives such as crushed charcoal extrusion molding, to achieve the recovery of crushed charcoal. Use.


To sum up, the production mechanism of charcoal need to add additives, we have to see what equipment investment, what is the use of raw materials. But generally speaking, most of the customers who produce machine-made charcoal invest in machine-made charcoal machinery equipment, and their production process does not need additives. If the customers do not understand, they can visit our factory, and we will explain in detail to you.