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Conditions for production of machine-made charcoal machine

Machine-made charcoal machine equipment mainly consists of four parts of equipment, pulverizer, dryer, rod system and carbonization furnace, raw material inspection is also an important step before the production of machine-made charcoal machine, straw raw material humidity related to the production quality of machine-made charcoal machine, in theory, raw material humidity of 6% – 15% is the most appropriate, advanced raw materials. Pulverized into the grinder for crushing, and then crushed raw materials into the dryer for drying, to meet the requirements of rod-making rod into the rod-making system for preforming, and finally into the carbonization furnace for carbonization, the production of high-quality straw charcoal.

The following four steps should be taken before the production of charcoal machine.

carbonization furnace

1. Machine charcoal machine main engine debugging, the operator in the confirmation of power failure in the case of rotating the main shaft 2-5 turns, see whether the main engine is running smoothly, whether the teeth are tight.

2. After confirming that the main engine of the charcoal machine is running normally, connect the power supply and start the motor to see whether the system is stable and whether the links are compact.

3. Open the dust removal equipment to see if the pressure of the air pump is normal or not, whether there is leakage, unstable pressure and other phenomena.

4. Input a small amount of raw materials for pre-production, carefully check whether the quality of charcoal is qualified, if not, analyze which link of the problem, and solve in time.