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Recently, we cooperated with Waleed, a Nigerian customer, and provided them with a high-efficiency coal briquette-making machine. The customer originally needed a machine that could pack coal sticks quickly, but in the end, the customer planned to purchase a coal briquette machine this year to replace the old machine with a low working rate to improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs.

Our coal briquette machine can compress coal powder into charcoal sticks of different sizes, and maintain high efficiency and precision during the operation. We have recommended our best-selling models for Waleed customers and customized them for their needs.

We have provided Waleed customers with fast production and delivery services to ensure that the coal rod machine can be delivered to their factory in Nigeria in time. We also provide video and online guidance and training on the machine to ensure that customers can operate the coal rod machine safely and efficiently and obtain the best production benefits.

Coal Briquette Machine Factory
Coal Briquette Machine Factory

After installing the coal rod machine, Waleed customers reported a significant increase in production efficiency and a reduction in labor costs. Our coal rod machine is also capable of producing high-quality coal rods that meet industry standards and requirements.

We have been in close contact with Waleed customers to provide continuous support and maintenance services. We also continuously improve our products and services based on customer feedback.