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The charcoal stick-making machines factory has recently completed a batch of relatively large orders. An Indonesian customer purchased 20 coal stick machines. In 2023, we will deliver the goods on time.

Charcoal stick-making machines customer introduction

The Indonesian customer bought a small batch of machines from the company before and thought that the quality of our factory’s machines was very good. This time, the customer planned to build a new factory in Indonesia, so this time the customer contacted us again. The machine ordered this time is the same as before, and some other charcoal equipment has been added to the previous machine order.

What product does the customer want to process?

The Indonesian customer’s raw material is carbon powder, and they want to make carbon in different shapes. The charcoal extruder machine purchased by the customer is the equipment for making briquettes, mainly including the coal stick machine, hob, and mixer.

Coal briquette machine customer order details

Indonesian customers ordered a total of 20 charcoal extruder machines. The customer has some special order requirements for the machine, so we sent the 3D design drawings to the customer, and after confirmation, the factory began to produce this batch of charcoal machines.