Charcoal machine production line energy saving and environmental protection

The charcoal machine production line has developed very well under the development of energy conservation and environmental protection, and the innovative development of environmentally friendly smokeless charcoal briquette production line has survived for many manufacturers. Therefore, many users are investing in charcoal briquette production line to produce mechanism charcoal and promote energy conservation. The development of environmental protection.

Raw materials processed by charcoal briquette machine

The utilization of charcoal machine production lines on corn stalks, wheat stalks, cotton stalks, rice husks, peanut hulls, branches, leaves, sawdust, and other crop materials has played a role in recovery and reuse. Therefore, there are many charcoal mechanism charcoal plants in various parts of China. The carbon plant can use the waste crop raw materials to produce high-value carbon products for sale, collect profits, and reduce environmental pollution to a certain extent.

The charcoal briquette production line includes crusher, drum screen, tumble dryer, sawdust briquette machine, carbonization furnace, conveyor and other equipment. Every link and equipment needs to be environmentally friendly to be a real environmentally friendly charcoal machine. The pulverizer should contain a dust collector, cannot produce dust, the drum screen should be sealed, and it can not produce dust. The heat source of the dryer cannot produce secondary pollution.

When the sawdust briquette machine is made, the high temperature should generate a large amount of smoke. For the rational use and treatment of this flue gas, the previous charcoal carbonization was mostly carbonized by the earthen kiln. Now the country basically does not allow the construction of kiln, and the earthen kiln in many places is forcibly removed by the government because the earthen kiln is carbonized. A lot of smoke, and the carbonization time of the earthen kiln is long. The charcoal plant has to build a lot of earthen kilns, and dust pollution is heavier. Only by making every piece of equipment non-polluting can it be regarded as a real environmentally-friendly charcoal machine.

The charcoal machine production line is popular in the current market for energy-saving and environmental protection equipment and has been recognized by the majority of users, and the production of charcoal briquette production line has also made great contributions to energy conservation and environmental protection around the world, the production mechanism of charcoal It is also an energy-saving and environmentally friendly energy source on the market.

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