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Charcoal extruder machine is a machine that can make powdered coal into different strips. It is a kind of equipment for coal rod forming. There are different models of coal rod forming machines, which are suitable for individual production and large-scale factories to produce coal rods.

The process of closing a deal with a charcoal extruder machine customer

 Coal Briquette Machine
Coal Briquette Machine

We have received an inquiry from a customer about the charcoal extruder machine. The customer is from Senegal. Here, we will be very curious to ask why the Senegalese customer wants to ship the coal rod machine to the UK? After the conversation, I found out that the current customer is doing business in the UK, so the machine needs to be shipped to the UK.

Understand the situation of coal briquette machine customers

We first understand the needs of customers, the shape and type of coal rods that we want to process, and only when we understand the production situation of customers in Senegal, can we recommend suitable coal rod machines. The Senegalese customer is a local manufacturer of coal rods. He has been engaged in coal rod production for several years, but the output is not large. I think he is more optimistic about the coal rod production and processing industry. Therefore, we want to purchase a charcoal extruder machine to expand the output. We want to The customer sent the models of several coal rod machines currently produced by the factory. The machine with the minimum output is 500kg/h, and the machine with the maximum output is 3000kg/h. We will send the sorted information to the customer for selection.

Charcoal Coal Stick Machine Mould
Charcoal Coal Stick Machine Mould

Introduce Shuliy company’s charcoal extruder machine model

The customer said that he has to work during the day, so it is slow to reply to the message each time, and we understand it very well. The customer said that the coal rod processing industry is still carried out every day. At the beginning of the conversation, the customer wanted to buy a 180 model machine, but no cutter and conveyor were needed. The customer planned to cut it by hand, but the problem with manual cutting is that the lengths of the cut coal rods are different, which is very unsightly. We understand Customers want to save costs, but this is not conducive to long-term production.


Signed a contract with a charcoal extruder machine customer

After analysis, we still recommend a machine with small output but with a cutting function to customers. We sent machine pictures and working videos, and the customer asked about the delivery time. Our factory has semi-finished products of the machine, and then it can be shipped within 3-5 days after signing the contract with the customer, and the CE certificate will be attached.

Charcoal Extruder Machine
Charcoal Extruder Machine

Charcoal extruder machine model

Charcoal Extruder Machine Model
Charcoal Extruder Machine Model
MBJ140 MBJ180 MBJ210 MBJ300 MBJ400
production capacity 500kg/h 1000kg/h 1500kg/h 2000kg/h 3000kg/h
Forming SpecificationsDiameter 20-40Diameter 20-60Diameter 20-80Diameter 20-80Diameter 20-80
Spindle speed46-60 rpm39-60 rpm35-60 rpm35-60 rpm35-60 rpm
Number of helical blades44444
motor Y160m-4 11kw Y180m-4 18.5kw Y200L-4 30kw Y225s-4 37kw Y315m-4 160kw
reducer ZQ350 ZQ400 ZQ500 ZQ650-750 ZQ850
bearing  7511、211、210、1305 7614、314、313、1206 7619、319、318、1206 32320、320、319、1207 32322、322、321
Charcoal extruder machine

Why do customers choose Shuliy?


1. The certificate is complete. CE certificate is required when the machine is shipped to the UK port, Schulley can provide a professional certificate

2. Send information in time. Customers usually have busy working hours, and there is not much time for communication. We solve customer questions in a timely manner every time and send the coal rod machine information required by customers.

3. The machine is of good quality and complete models. We offer machines that meet customer needs.