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At the beginning of this month, our company successfully delivered a charcoal briquette press machine dedicated to the production of hexagonal coal rods to Senegal, providing a customer engaged in charcoal production in the UK with a powerful production tool. This cooperation not only meets the customer’s specific needs but also reflects our company’s advantages in professional services and comprehensive support.

Background information about the customer

A Senegalese client currently working in the UK and involved in the charcoal production business. He plans to build a charcoal production plant in Senegal to expand production capacity. The demand for coal rod machines made him actively look for suitable equipment to improve production efficiency.

The customer clearly stated that he demanded to produce hexagonal coal rods, and mentioned in the initial communication that he hoped to choose a suitable model to meet the specific needs of the Senegal factory. He does not have a deep understanding of the import process of charcoal briquette press machines and hopes to receive detailed support.

Market demand and price characteristics

As a West African country, Senegal‘s carbon production industry market is gradually emerging, and the demand for efficient production tools is increasing. As a representative of clean energy, coal rods are favored by the local and international markets in Senegal. The price characteristics of the machine are crucial for a start-up business, and customers pay attention to cost-effectiveness in their choices.

Charcoal briquette press machine recommendation solution

In in-depth communication with the customer, our company suggested suitable charcoal briquette press machine models based on his production needs, and shared pictures and videos of the machine to visually demonstrate the performance and working effect of the equipment. Such professional advice increases customers’ trust in our company.

Freight and certificate processing

For the first time, the customer felt that shipping costs were higher and expressed a desire to ship to the UK. Our company inquired about the freight based on his needs and proactively proposed that a certificate would be required for transportation to the UK. This professional advice not only explains the necessity of the certificate but also alleviates the customer’s worries and demonstrates our company’s experience and professionalism in international trade.

Customer feedback and cooperation prospects

In a follow-up chat, the customer asked if the machine could be viewed via video to gain a more complete understanding of the equipment without being able to visit the factory in person. This positive interaction reflects the customer’s desire for full understanding before purchasing and lays a good foundation for future cooperation.