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Customer needs and expectations

At the beginning of this year, our company successfully shipped a high-efficiency charcoal briquette extruder machine to the United States, bringing a brand new production tool to a local charcoal producer.

After in-depth communication with the business manager, we learned that the customer was eager to transform the original bulk charcoal powder into a more portable and saleable stick product through the introduction of the charcoal briquette extruder machine.

The customer hopes to expand its product line and meet the market demand for unique charcoal products through this innovative production method.

Reason for purchase and customer background

This American charcoal producer was a leader in their local market but recognized the need to innovate in the face of market diversity and changing consumer demands.

One of the main reasons for purchasing the charcoal briquette making machine was to increase the versatility and portability of the product, making charcoal easier to use and sell in different settings. Customers expect to expand their product line and increase their competitiveness in the market by introducing coal bar machines.

Demand for charcoal briquette extruder machine

  • There is an urgent need for customers to improve the efficiency of charcoal production and ensure that production can meet market demand. The introduction of coal bar machines is expected to speed up the production process and improve overall efficiency.
  • To meet the needs of different consumers, customers expect the coal bar machine to be able to produce charcoal briquettes of various sizes and shapes, to increase the diversity of products and improve market adaptability.
  • Charcoal producers want the sticks produced by the coal stick machine to be easier to carry and pack to meet modern consumers’ demand for convenience and stylish packaging.

Experience sharing and machine feedback

Firstly, they were satisfied with the performance of the charcoal briquette extruder machine in improving production efficiency. The high efficiency of the machine has led to a significant optimization of the otherwise cumbersome production process.

Secondly, the customer has achieved success in product diversity, being able to flexibly adjust production according to market demand and provide products that are more in line with consumer tastes.

Feedback from the customer noted that the products produced through the charcoal briquette extruder machine were easier to package and carry, which made sales and distribution more convenient. The new shape of the product is also favored by consumers, bringing more market opportunities for charcoal producers.